Salaries project

In April 2012 TouK decided to do an unusual project. We decided to make the salaries in the company transparent. Yes, transparent. Probably there are countries where salaries are not taboo but definitely Poland is not one of those (similar to quite a few countries I visited when I talked about this concept at various conferences)…

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The most important thing I learnt as a manager

I have been managing things and/or people for most time of my ten years at TouK. I followed a typical in our industry, I believe, path – take a decent developer and make him manage – funnily enough he will struggle. Two years ago, after some eight years of fooling around I found a tool that did miracles for me. Let me share a simple yet effective thing to be doing on a daily basis.

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What I did in 2013

I believe that in general humans are beasts driven by achievements.

The drive starts with our internal biocomputers controlling our behaviors by injecting small doses of hormones, one of which is dopamine. This one plays crucial role in the internal reward-motivated behaviors, ie. we are doping ourselves as a reward when we do something beneficial. It is highly addictive (a phenomena perfected by gaming industry, underlying huge success of either simple, repeatable games like Angry Birds, as well as major titles like World of Warcraft).

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Agile Management 2013 – podsumowanie roundtable

(I was asked to do this summary in Polish, therefore this post is available in Polish only.)

W połowie listopada 2013 roku brałem udział w konferencji Agile Management organizowanej przez Fundację Governica. Najciekawszą częścią konferencji (przynajmniej w mojej ocenie) były cztery sesje dyskusji przy okrągłych stołach (roundtables). W swojej formie bardzo przypominały one znaną i popularną formułę open space – otwartą dyskusję prowadzoną przez moderatora mającą na celu aktywną wymianę wiedzy pomiędzy uczestnikami. W trakcie konferencji zaplanowane zostały cztery 45-minutowe sesje na różne tematy. Continue reading

Lean & Agile not only in IT…

At the end of 2012 I was invited to speak at Agile in Business conference… The conference closed with a panel discussion, and leader started by mentioning that for two days we’ve been listening about agile adoptions in IT, by such organizations as Allegro Group (mostly known for Polish internet auctions) and Gemius (internet audience research). These companies are built around software, he said, so let’s finally talk about Agile in business… A few moments later someone from the audience asked if there are any adoption examples in real companies, in banking or automotive industry… What about Toyota? I thought… What about investment banking? (mentioned often at lean agile conferences) I thought… And last but not least – what’s the difference between (built around core auctioning system) and any bank (built around banking system)? In my opinion most “business” organizations in XXI century are built around some core software system. Of course – software is not everything – but similarly, companies like Allegro Group, Gemius or are not all about software and programming…

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