I knew I would be involved with software since I was a kid.

The first computer I was using was my cousin’s Atari 65XE. I used to copy first programs from an ancient Polish paper magazine named Bajtek in late 80s. In the early 90s my father got a PC (with famous Gates’ 640k RAM, MSDOS, QBasic, etc). It was no surprise that I ended up graduating computer science 15 years later.

But, by the time I was graduating I started to have a strong gut feeling that I don’t like programming. It took me another 10 years to understand why.

I realized that in business programming for the sake of producing code is waste. The only thing that matters are the capabilities the software is providing. And providing these capabilities requires so much more than just coding skills. And I fell in love with this “so much more”.

Crucial part of this story plays the fact that in 2008 I started to learn about agile and lean methods. This was the moment when my work stopped to be work and became my passion.

Since then I have introduced Scrum and then Kanban in TouK and I got involved in evangelizing agility wherever possible.

Since its beginning I have been an active member of the Agile Warsaw community. Since 2011 I have been speaking at various lean-agile conferences around Europe including Agile Eastern Europe in Kiev, Lean Agile Scotland in Edinburgh and AgileByExample in Warsaw.

In 2013 I joined AgileByExample team as a co-organizer helping make ABE Light and ABE13 best ever.